Constructive Intelligence Reports

Constructive Edge offers a family of intelligence gathering capabilities. Contact us for more information about our intelligence products including:

  • Various newspapersCustomized Real Time Feeds
  • Fast Reaction Intelligence Briefs
  • In-Depth Intelligence Reports

Actionable Intelligence

Industrial cooperation, economic particpation and offset program (generically "Industry Program") strategies are becoming more important in winning business in more and often unfamiliar countries. The foundation of these strategies is the intelligence used to build them.

  • What are my competitors doing in-country?
  • What does the country consider important as an industrial strategy?
  • What do I need to do to develop a winning strategy?

With questions like these, and more (you define with us your information requirements), we will provide answers through our Actionable Intelligence Team. Using sophisticated technologies and filtering techniques, a powerful monitoring platform gathers up-to-the-moment news information from 180 countries around the world, even in different languages. This includes news from local, state, national, regional and global sources. This amounts to thousands of new reports every day that can be updated and provided to our clients montly, weekly, daily or every five minutes depending on client operational requirements. We can also harvest information from social media websites that can often provide a client a sense of the environment, customer desires or concerns, and early indications of potential threats and opportunities.

Understanding of customer requirements, design of search strategies, and development of data filtration tactics are carried out by senior Open Source research analysts. The result is timely information clients need to avoid unwanted surprises, now or in the future. We can provide you customized real time operational information feeds that will keep you competitive in the marketplace, aware of impending threats, and poised to take advantage of new opportunities.

Talk to us about incorporating this Actionable Intelligence into your strategy.