Project Management

Constructive Edge helps it clients manage industrial cooperation, economic particpation and offset programs (generically "Industry Programs").  It is a company that can develop projects that are either tailor-made to fit into a client’s Industry Program or to support a country’s Industry Program policy strategy by targeting the policy’s primary focus. We execute the project in conjunction with our client who wishes to finance the cost of the project implementation.

Canadian battleship

Under such an arrangement, Constructive Edge can provide full management services of the project. These include:

  • Presentation to our client for review and compliance testing
  • Arranging meetings between all parties to discuss strategy and agree an implementation plan
  • Development of project to be presented by our client to the customer for formal pre-approval
  • Liaise with in-country beneficiaries to prepare for implementation and, as required, the government offset authority
  • Continuous management of tasks and documentation as the project is implemented
  • Preparation of reports and updates for periodical meetings with the customer
  • Completion appraisal and reporting

Constructive Edge ensures that all aspects of the project are tenable prior to providing any project opportunity to our clients for appraisal. We are committed to ensuring that our client delivers economic benefit that is recognisable, auditable, and will be to the satisfaction of the customer, so that our client is in the best possible position when they are being considered for future business.