A collective 170+ years of Public Sector Projects.

The Constructive Edge team is unparalleled in the breadth of global experience it brings to its clients involving all aspects of bid preparation for major public infrastructure and defence projects.

Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm is the Managing Partner of Constructive Edge. For 30 years a practising commercial lawyer in Australia, Malcolm since 1992 also led the C&I Projects Group, a very successful and respected corporate advisory firm specializing in all aspects of international offset and countertrade. The company is now part of the new, enlarged group trading as Constructive Edge.

Malcolm brings to the group a professional capability to identify, structure and conduct due diligence of prospective international business opportunities, strategies and projects. In Australia he leads defence and aerospace tender and bid response teams that can handle all aspects of the proposal, including AIC plans, intellectual property plans, contract terms and negotiations, project management issues and other specialist areas.  Commercial relationship structuring, contract negotiations, intellectual property considerations and risk assessment are key skills of Malcolm. He is a past President of the Australian Countertrade Association; a former Councillor of the Asia Pacific Countertrade Association and a regular speaker at offset and international trade conferences around the world.

Malcolm has legal, investment banking, international business, defence contracting and strategic planning skills and holds a Masters of Law in Global Business Law as well as undergraduate degrees in Law and Commerce. He serves as a non-executive Director of various companies, many of which operate in international markets.



Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis

Stephen is based in the Constructive Edge London, UK office with a mandate that sees him service his clients and their offset needs in multiple markets.  Those countries where he is currently heavily involved include South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Norway, UAE, Oman, India and of course others as the need requires. 

Prior to joining Constructive Edge in 2015, Stephen was a Head of Offset at Stemcor Trade Finance Ltd, the finance arm of a global trading company with an annual turnover in excess of US$1billion. He has worked in offset and countertrade for over 15 years and has been responsible for the identification, development and implementation of offset projects in over 20 countries for US and European defence and aerospace clients.

Stephen developed his involvement in offset through structured finance and banking relations that enabled him to develop export related opportunities in new markets across Europe and Africa. He has developed his portfolio of projects to include technology transfer, establishing engineering centres, medical R&D, healthcare centres and education programmes globally.

Stephen has developed in excess of $1billion of offset credits for clients and has an excellent understanding of the international offset market.



Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan

Tom is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and brings to the Constructive Edge team nearly 30 years of professional and educational experience in international business with a focus on marketing, business development, market entry and finance. Tom currently focusses on markets such as The Netherlands, Scandinavia and South Korea and also directs some of our specific industry programs including Executive Education courses with Georgetown University and export and market entry services for small to medium sized companies.

Tom worked with Alcatel Telecommunications and other organizations on four continents to assist in bringing Alcatel’s DSL product to market. While in marketing at Alcatel, Tom managed Alcatel’s interface with one of the largest US based service providers and a number of partner companies as a product manager.

Tom through has successfully negotiated, managed and fulfilled industrial participation and offset programs for the world’s largest defense and aerospace companies as well as SME’s. Tom has extensive experience providing marketing, market entry and business development services in the security, life sciences, energy and resources space.

Tom has an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird.



Tim Runge

Tim Runge

Tim is based in Canada and has responsibility for our major programs in that country with a focus for many years on IRB and now ITB requirements.  Through C&I Projects group and now Constructive Edge, Tim has played a role in many major procurements in Canada and delivered substantial credits for clients.   He is now bringing those specialist skills to the PPP and infrastructure sectors via Socio-Economic Advantage programs for bidders and project proponents and guidance to all layers of government on how to leverage public procurements to benefit communities and discriminate bids.

Tim has a long history in the industry since he joined the international division of global engineering, fabricator and contractor Babcock & Wilcox International (B&W) where his first assignment was to create a barter/countertrade structure on behalf of the Canadian Consortium of Candu Suppliers of which B&W was head. During his 11 years at B&W he managed numerous countertrade & offsets for public sector infrastructure projects on which B&W was bidding or under contract totaling well in excess of several billion dollars.

Along with Malcolm Taylor, Tim was a director of Newcourt Capital of Toronto's Offset & Structured Trade Finance team with offices in London, New York, Melbourne and Toronto. Prior to becoming one of the founders of Constructive Edge he was part of the C&I Projects group and works with clients in Canada, Europe and Asia preparing proposals and helping them meet their offset obligations. Tim is a graduate of Commerce from Queen's University.



Laurence Van Bockel

Laurence Van Bockel

Laurence Van Bockel brings more than two decades of international business experience to Constructive Edge. Born and educated in Belgium, she first completed a Master in Law and then pursued a supplementary study of Notary Public. After having worked for 3 years for one of the most prestigious Offices of Notary in Belgium, she followed into the footsteps of her father, Louis Van Bockel, who was one of the pioneers in in the field of offsets and import reduction challenges imposed by governments.

Laurence is the EU based director of Constructive Edge, located in Belgium, and her focus is on that region and its evolving security interest and associated requirements.  Laurence looks to identify business ventures and economic initiatives that meet the interest of both the governmental authorities and Constructive Edge’s clients needing either to enhance their bid or fulfill requirements related to sales in the framework of public procurement. These project fulfillment processes vary from export promotion, business development, transfer of technology, investments and recently an increasing interest for development of socio-economic advantages.

For more than 5 years Laurence has been on the board of the executive committee of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association serving both as Secretary and Legal Counsel.



Stanley White

Stanley White

​Stan is another of our team based in Canada but with a global mandate, depending on the needs of the client.  Stan worked for Philipp Brothers (Canada) Ltd. (a member of the Salomon Inc. group) from 1978-1990. He then moved into a manufacturing operation, Intermetco, a publicly traded company in Canada and headed up their largest Division. After this venture, he started S.H. White & Associates Inc. to continue offering Offset services and expertise.  This entity was merged into Constructive Edge in 2015.

Stan has been active in countertrade and offsets since 1981 and is considered one of the most experienced people in Canada and elsewhere in this field. He has negotiated offset credits and countertrade financed arrangements for clients in multiple industries and worked directly with governments on many occasions.  Countries where Stan has a particular focus include those in South America, Indonesia, Hungary, Romania, Philippines, Malaysia and Nigeria. He has participated in negotiations ranging from barter to high tech offsets. In addition, he successfully performed monetization programmes on behalf of CIDA, and has worked with NGO’s solving funding imbalances.

Stan was a director of the Council of Canadian Trading Houses and has given numerous speeches and seminars on countertrade and trading including various Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association conventions, sponsored Canadian Government seminars as well as conducting seminars on Countertrade and its meaning, on behalf of Euromoney. He attended York University studying Political Science.



Gray Hammond

Gray Hammond

Gray is a strategic associate in our Civil Sector practice. He’s worked extensively on our training programs and heads our social media program. He ensured the Community Engagement portion of the Union Fenosa Wind Australia bid interlocked with the Economic Benefits requirement. Gray has four decades of experience in marketing research, communications, and consulting, for governments and multinationals, on projects spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. He attends conferences and liaises regularly with experts in P3’s, procurement, social innovation and impact investment. He obtained his BA in Economics and MBA at Western University.


Ottawa Office

Ottawa Parliament Buildings

Debora Smith

Debbie has worked with General Dynamics Canada for 25 years as a Senior Industrial & Regional Benefits Administrator where she was responsible for the company-wide administration and reporting of $2.8 Billion in IRB commitments associated with Canadian government contracts. She now provides valuable Canadian proposal writing support and in-depth program knowledge to Constructive Edge.

David Goldfield

Over 35 years of experience in international finance, countertrade & offsets and project development including time with Raytheon International and Export Development Canada. He is fluent in Spanish and actively linked into government influencers and industry players which will help monitor and build relationships with multiple industry ITB partners and structure the best possible ITB programs.