Bid & Offer Services

Constructive Edge works with its clients to develop and manage multi-phased bid strategies. We have managed teams which have successfully negotiated and structured complex defence contracts, intellectual property programs and approved Industry Programs in many countries. These involved contract responsibility for programs in the range of $200m to $5b and required management of complex contracting solutions, major cross-border investments, government interactions and senior executive negotiations across multiple cultures. Constructive Edge can provide insights into the legal, commercial and financial features of government procurement tenders, the underlying intellectual property and technology transfer issues.

Services Include:

  • Prior to RFT issuance – Research local industry opportunities, develop industry engagement strategies, demonstrate engagement and market testing. Provide strategic advice and help prepare bid response logistics and resourcing.
  • Immediately RFT issues - Assist bid managers in breaking out the key requirements in the RFT documentation and setting clear tasks for company allocated authors to start working on. Help structure the response timetable and framework, document templates, and protocols.
  • Over the entire RFT response period - Assist bid managers in pulling the RFT response together.
  • Actual writing and editing of volumes in support of selected subject authors from within the company.
  • Identifying and maximizing key local industry partners, managing major sub-contractor inputs and building a locally based supply chain to support/replace overseas arrangements.
  • Contributing to key strategic discussions within the team and executive management as to “win strategies and themes”.
  • Expert assistance on contracting structures, risk management and intellectual property issues. This will include briefing bid management on these strategic issues to feed into corporate management for bid sign-off. Can also include acting as temporary “Contracts Manager” for required surge effort.

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