Civil Energy, Infrastructure, Mining & Transport Projects

Constructive Edge offers services to clients in the civil sector, much the same as in the defence sector.  We see a strong Socio Economic Advancement package as a competitive advantage. We strive to provide our clients in the civil sector with a Socio Economic Advantage over their competitors. We benchmark our package of services to deliver Socio Economic Advancement to the communities and stakeholders associated with government procurement.  Our services include:

  • Development of an industrial cooperation strategy
  • Research and identification of local supply chain opportunities
  • Community socio and economic engagement strategies based on sound research generation of a community's interests
  • Project proposal development and writing
  • Negotiation, documentation and compliance
  • Industrial cooperation project development and fulfilment
  • Post contract administration
  • Advisory services and consultancy

All of these will save our clients time and money, and increase their chances of a successful contract award and delivery.

Constructive Edge's experience in working with the defence sector, where offset has evolved these past 30 years, can be highly valuable to civil companies that have never had exposure to industrial cooperation through the normal course of business or do not have the in-house team available to match new expectations for detailed proposals in this discipline.

Not all industrial cooperation is linked to military sales. What is known as civil economic and social benefit can be less regulated by government procuring entities and may in cases be driven by pro-active commercial competitive motivation.  It also can exist within direct agreements between parastatal companies purchasing commercial equipment from foreign suppliers on their own terms, such as in the case of commercial aircraft manufacturers. 

Typical government procurements and or major equipment sales that can generate Socio Economic Advancement opportunities can include power plants and renewable energy projects, transport systems and infrastructure, large health and education projects, extractive industries, special purpose vessels and commercial aircraft.


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Aerospace and Defence

Constructive Edge understands the unique needs of the global aerospace and defence industry and how it needs to manage industrial cooperation, economic particpation, offset programs and essential security interests as found in Directive 2009/81/EC (generically "Industry Programs").  Constructive Edge has excellent connections that assist in Industry Program implementation. Services include:

  • Development of an Industry Program strategy
  • Research and identification of local supply chain opportunities
  • Project proposal development
  • Negotiation, documentation and compliance
  • Indirect industrial benefit fulfillment
  • Post contract administration
  • In-house placements (secondments) on either short or long-term basis

It can be said that Industry Programs have existed for decades, which is certainly true, but the new emerging customer countries which are accounting for the majority of new foreign defence sales are developing Industry Program policies that are largely in line with the traditional markets of Europe.

However, whereas such markets in Europe (for example) recognise that Industry Programs are a political tool as a means of justifying expensive foreign defence procurements, they also recognise their limitations as an economic development tool. An emerging trend in other markets is an expectation that Industry Programs should serve to develop local defence industries and be demonstrably measurable in terms of the resulting business generated. 

Indeed, there are examples of procurements that have been made by Governments less because of a need for the equipment, than for the expected long term benefits of the associated Industry Program. This aim, though relatively unfamiliar, is legitimate. Particularly in the emerging defence markets that are substantially increasing their foreign defence spend, Industry Program regulations generally require defence related technology transfer to generate exports and/or entirely new manufacturing.  In-country systems integration and through-life-support capability are also a focus in complex platform procurements.

This poses a number of difficult compliance and commercial issues for defence companies, and therefore generates higher risk of non-fulfillment. In contrast, European customers’ requirements tend toward direct co-production with established defence industries and so can more readily rely on local manufacturing opportunities prior to contract signature.

As a reaffirmation of this need to refocus, a respected Washington think tank forecast that between 2011 and 2016 an additional $225 billion in Industry Program obligations was likely generated. 

While this figure is not significantly more than the volume generated between 2005 and 2011 ($214 billion), the countries that made most of these procurements are relatively new to mandated Industry Programs and the individual procurements were much larger. All these changes, which show no sign of abating, have resulted in a greater demand for advice and assistance from globally capable organisations and in this specialist service provider space, that is Constructive Edge.

The Constructive Edge Team is unparalleled in the breadth of global experience it brings to its clients involving all aspects of strategy, bid preparation and submittals, project development and program fulfiment for both aerospace and defence Industry Programs.


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Constructive Edge is a specialist boutique corporate advisory and support firm.

We are a Canadian registered company with offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, UK, USA and India.

Industrial Participation, Offset and Socio-Economic Advancement programs are a major part of our work, and so too are bid coordination and tender response services.

We have handled defence tenders and industry engagement programs worth multiple billions of dollars, and count as clients almost all of the major international defence and aerospace contractors, as well as an increasing number of contractors in the civil infrastructure and development sectors.

We have experience, skills and success stories in all major and most minor markets across the world.



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Constructive Edge Logo

Constructive Edge is a specialist boutique corporate advisory and support firm.

We are a Canadian registered company with offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, UK, USA and India.

The Constructive Edge team is unparalleled in the breadth of global experience it brings to its clients involving all aspects of bid preparation for major public infrastructure and defence projects. It has a collective 170+ years of Public Sector Projects.

As a result of our size, we are able to provide a broad range of services in a variety of countries.


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